All the activities in this whole life in this world are to make the body & mind healthy.  
  We go thru various means like Religious practices, Entertainment, Medicines, Sports, Money & Wealth, Positions & Status; to Satisfy the Mind & Body.  
  Unfortunately, We all end up in confusions, Problems, Egos, Diseases, Frustration, disharmony, Jealousy, Superiority complex, Inferiority complex… on….  
  VISWA-MITRA, a friend to everybody in the world, without differences of  
  • Religion
  • Caste
  • Creed
  • Rich & poor
  • Superior & inferior
  • Color of the skin
  • Language
  • Region
  Viswa is Universal - Mitra is friend.  
  We use different means or subjects to be a friend like  
  • Yoga, Pranyama, Meditation
  • Satsangs, Bhajans, Sacred Chantings
  • Physical & mental sports
  • Medical & Blood camps
  • Leadership camps
  • Art & Music competitions.....
  Our request to all my friends to b a part of this movement, which gives positiveness.